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Guitarist, Mandolinist, Teacher, Songwriter, Vocalist


Website Design
Ongoing website management
Administrative and Tech Assistance


There are few guitarists who are better. The best part about working with Ray T. Chesna isn’t just taking advantage of his compulsion to pick up the guitar and start playing at any given moment. Ray LOVES Youtube and treats it like the incredible resource for music and history that it is. Ever seen a kid at the gates of Disney Land? That’s what Ray looks like when he goes to Youtube and digs up silent movies, rare live performance footage of his favorite musicians, or while reading lyrics provided with the videos; “This is magic I would have given anything for back in the day.” I know when ever I meet up with Ray to update his site, or help him set up some new recording tech he’s trying out, there is a 1:3 ratio for the amount of time we spend working to the amount of time we spend watching old videos. Both are crucial to our successful working relationship.